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I have started a collection for winter themed fanfic on AO3. Everybody is invited to join, share the information with others, share it with groups you're part of of.

This is a multi-fandom non-denominational winter holiday fanfic collection. Everybody is invited! There will be two sub categories - Happy Holidays and Humbug Holidays - and you can post as many fics as you like to each category. It doesn't matter what you celebrate during winter (Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, etc) or if you don't celebrate anything at all and just like the season.

It's winter and all of our favorite characters are celebrating (or not). This is the place to bring those stories to share with everyone (and maybe find a new fan of your fave fandom or pairing). The only real requirements are that your fic has to be set during winter and must be put under the proper sub-category (Happy or Humbug). Try to show some love to your fellow holiday writers and check out the other fics posted too.

As a bonus, if you post a fic between Dec. 1 and Jan. 2, I will make a banner with your username to use anywhere you'd like. The banner will be the one used for the category it's posted under - Happy or Humbug. Yes, that means you can potentially get two banners.

Follow the links below for more information:
Main Collection Link http://archiveofourown.org/collections/winterholidayfanfic/profile
Happy Holidays Link http://archiveofourown.org/collections/happyholidays/profile
Humbug Holidays Link http://archiveofourown.org/collections/humbugholidays/profile

Bite Me

Title: Bite Me
Author: jujukittychick
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing/s: Spike/Xander pre-slash
Character/s: Spike, Xander, the Scoobies
Genre: Pre-Slash
Prompt: tamingthemuse#467 - Snowflake, stories_a_z– B, kinda_gay#4- Lick
Warnings: hyena!Xander, neglectful Scoobies, bloodplay ‘cause demons
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 1785
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS and am making no money; I am doing this for my own fun and entertainment. The fandom belongs to its respective creators and owners who *are* making money off them.
A/N: Playing with the timeline, so either the incidents in the hyena ep happened later, or Spike and Dru split earlier.

Summary: Spike makes a startling discovery, one that may just work out to his benefit

Grrr. Argh.
spike dru


Title: Anthowhatsit?
Author: jujukittychick
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing/s: Xander/Spike pre-slash, former Spike/Dru
Character/s: Spike, Xander, Drucilla
Genre: Gen
Prompt: tamingthemuse #466 - Anthomancy, stories_a_z – A, kinda_gay #3- Magic
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1125
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS and am making no money; I am doing this for my own fun and entertainment. The fandom belongs to its respective creators and owners who *are* making money off them.

Summary: There’s a new demon in town and Spike and Xander are sent to the one person – well, demon – that might be able to figure out how to get rid of it.

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"The Bronze Box" - Buffy/Tomb Raider/Xena crossover - NC-17 (f/f)

Title: “The Bronze Box”

Author: erimthar

Fandoms: Buffy, Tomb Raider, and Xena triple crossover!

Pairing: Willow Rosenberg/Lara Croft. Special appearance by Aphrodite, the goddess of love

Disclaimer: Buffy (and Willow Rosenberg) is the property of 20th Century Fox. Tomb Raider (and Lara Croft) is the property of Square Enix. Xena (and this version of Aphrodite) is the property of Universal Studios. Katy Perry is the property of Katy Perry. No infringement intended, only fun.

Rating: NC-17 (explicit f/f)

Warnings: Sort-of RPF

Notes: Written for International Day of Femslash 2014. This is an x-rated sequel to my story from several years ago, “Down the Well,” which explains how Lara Croft met Buffy and Willow, found out she was a Slayer, and had a very nice evening with Willow. Takes place between seasons 9 and 10 (comics continuation) and has minor spoilers up to that point.

Word count: 8,795 (in three chapters)

The story begins here...

New Land Comm!

Have you ever wished that you could be a part of your favorite fandom's family, or otherwise share in their family atmopshere Have you ever wanted to walk a mile in your favorite character's shoes but without having to deal with a whole RPG scheme? Perhaps you've desired to mix your love of role playing with your other love of creating fan works? Maybe you want a land comm that welcomes all fandoms but allows you to focus on the fandoms and/or characters you really want and even make extra points for using them? Or maybe you just want a comm that will issue as many fic challenges as there are other challenge types? Our brand new land comm, Family Land, is your chance to do it all!

We're only JUST getting started: the games haven't even began yet! The only characters currently taken are:

Angel/BtVS: Cordelia, Faith, Giles, and Spike
Batman: Catwoman
Once Upon A Time: Rumpelstiltskin
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack and Will
ReBoot: AndrAia
Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Salem
X-Men: Gambit and White Queen

You may play more than one character, and there is no limit to how many teams of which you may be a part! We are also definitely hoping to add not only more characters but more fandoms as well! Please come by and check us out today: http://family-land.livejournal.com/profile
Fanfiction by purplefeen

Ficlet: Thinky Gay Thoughts (Buffy/Willow) 1/1 FRT-13/PG-13

Title: Thinky Gay Thoughts

Author: Gabrielle

Pairing: Buffy/Willow

Rating: FRT-13/PG-13

Summary: *Set right after Willow tells Buffy about Tara* Willow has left the building and Buffy is alone with her thoughts - not the most comfortable place to be.

Word Count: 935

Feedback: Please.

Distribution: My LJ, my DW, AO3, and my site only.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to Joss and a bunch of other people who are not now and have never been me.

Author's Notes: This was written to commemorate my Ninth Anniversary as a fanfiction writer.

Thinky Gay Thoughts

Vanishing: Chapter 20 (part 1)

Title: Vanishing, Chapter 20 (part 1).
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Summary: Some silly sot makes a wish when he should’ve called a cab.
Prompts:  #355 Dust you are and to dust you will return at Taming the Muse.
  #008 Resolutions from Table B (modified) at Lover100.
  #29 Historical Event: Chernobyl from the Pop Culture Prompt Table at Kinda Gay.
  Beta Prompts by Howard Russell: Vacillate (Willow), Revolted (D’Hoffryn), Departed (Angel).
Rating: FRAO: Adult Content: Sexual Situations and/ or Explicit Violence.
Warnings: (select to view) contains irreverence, potty mouth, Buffy vamp, brutal death (a few main characters may even snuff it), senseless violence, naughty sex, self mutilation or ‘body modification’ depending on how you view it, and other disturbing images. You’d think this was like a theme with me or something.
Pairing: Buffy/Willow.
Word Count: 115,263 at Chapter 20 (part 1).
Comma Guy: Howard Russell with Tamoline serving as a second set of eyes.
Disclaimer: Another day, another…they don’t pay me anything at all. I just do this to amuse myself and you. That’s what allows me and mine to slip under the radar while playing with characters created by those more fortunate than us.
Distribution:  DreamWidth
A master list of my fiction can be found here. Please do not archive or distribute without my permission.
Feedback: That’d be peachy.


These and Other Differences

Title: These and Other Differences
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Summary: Another morning after.
Rating: FRM: Mature Audience: Parents Strongly Cautioned.
Word Count: 1,769.
Commas Brought to You By: Howard Russell.
Pairing: Buffy/Willow.
Distribution:  DreamWidthAO3IKOLY2FanFiction.Net
A master list of my fiction can be found here. Please do not archive or distribute without my permission.
Feedback: That’d be peachy.