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Kinda Gay
Kinda-Gay Fortnightly Prompt Challenge 
7th-Jan-2012 01:47 pm
Spike bad
For those of you who would prefer a different format to our prompt table, we have our fortnightly prompts. There are two prompts to choose from and you may use either one.

Your submission must be at least 500 words, the characters feature in the Jossverse and the pairing must be fem/slash. When posting please include which prompt you are using in your header and subject line so we can correctly track your progress. If you don't like a prompt, skip it and check out the next one in two weeks. After successfully submitting 20 prompts you can earn yourself a banner for your efforts.

The prompts are: Echo or Nibble

The deadline is: Friday 20 January by 9PM UK time

The new prompt for use over the following two weeks will be posted on Saturday 21 January.

Good luck, have fun and if there are any questions please feel free to ask a mod!
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