Valyssia (valyssia) wrote in kinda_gay,

Across Seasons: In the Crosshairs

Title: Across Seasons: In the Crosshairs
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Summary: Infatuation is fire in the foundry of hopes and dreams.
Prompts:  #348 Papaya at Taming the Muse.
  #002 Beauty from Table B (modified) at Lover100.
  #01 Love from Table Five (Light) at 12 Stories.
  #01 Music of the 1950’s: Elvis Presley - I Forgot to Remember to Forget from the Pop Culture Prompt Table at Kinda Gay.
Rating: FRT: Mature Themes: Parental Supervision Suggested.
Word Count: 5,482.
Commas Brought to You By: Howard Russell.
Pairing: Buffy/Willow.
Distribution:  DreamWidthAO3IKOLY2 • NHA is temporarily out of service • FanFiction.Net
A master list of my fiction can be found here. Please do not archive or distribute without my permission.
Feedback: That’d be peachy.

Tags: author: valyssia, pairing: buffy/willow, prompt: table2: #01 music 1959 or..., type: f/f
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